All-Inclusive Pricing.

Low Fixed Monthly Fee with Digressive Transaction Fees

No license or setup fees, and no extra costs

Pixfizz offers a straightforward, low-risk/high-value pricing model that includes the entire platform’s feature set, including hosting, storage, support & maintenance. There aren't multiple plans (lite, pro, etc.), as we believe this creates barriers and limits customer growth.

With a single subscription you can have an unlimited number of storefronts, brands, languages, products & designs.

If it doesn't work out the way you expect, you may cancel your subscription with one month's notice, without penalties.

Platform Subscription: $400/month + Variable Transaction Fees

What You Get


Design Tool (HTML5 editor)

Unlimited storage & bandwidth eCommerce tools

Website hosting

eCommerce CMS & shopping cart

Complete API access

Platform support & maintenance

On-going product development

Online support platform

On-boarding support

No Additional Fees

License fee $0

Additional sites/brands $0

Additional products $0

Software updates $0

Storage fees $0

Platform support $0

API access $0

Mobile version $0

SEO & Marketing

mCommerce-optimized shopping cart

SEO best-practices and more

Discount coupon engine

Abandoned Cart reporting & recovery email

Refer-a-friend program

eCommerce analytics

Google Analytics integration

Auto-generated sitemap

Structured data for products

Product feed to submit to Google Merchant Center and others

Low-risk. High-Value.

Pixfizz is a pure SaaS model with a monthly subscription and variable transaction fee.
We continuously develop and adapt the latest web technologies for you to benefit at no extra cost.
Your investment continues to increase in value and becomes more competitive.
Monthly Subscription Fee Digressive Transaction Fee* Monthly Revenue
$400 6% up to $5k
$400 5% from $5k to $10k
$400 4% from $10k to $25k
$400 3% from $25k to $50k
$400 2% from $50k to $75k
$400 1% over $75k

* Transaction fee based on net revenue (excluding taxes and shipping costs)

Example: If your net monthly revenue is $15,000; you will be charged for the first $5k at 6% ($300) and then the other $10k at 5% ($500), for a total of $800.

Optional Customized Services

Depending on whether you have in-house development expertise (web design, product design, HTML, JavaScript), Pixfizz offers additional training and support in setting up and managing your storefronts.

If you have specific requirements, integrations or new features, we also provide customized professional development services. Contact us to discuss your needs or project.

Advanced Training Package

If following the standard onboarding sessions you or other members of your team need additional time with our dedicated team, we provide advanced training consisting of:

  • 8 hours of virtual meetings
  • Complete platform overview
  • Deepdive into relevant features
  • Practical excercies
  • Enhanced on-boarding support
Live Chat Support Package

If you require frequent techincal support, we offer a straight forward solution for you to contact our team at anytime: a dedicated Slack channel exclusively for your team.

Webmaster Package
$400/month - up to 12h/month

If you would like to centralize your webmaster tasks. We can keep your site optimized and up to date. Package includes:

  • Content updates
  • Website styling updates (css changes)
  • Image optimization using next-gen formats
  • New product publishing
  • Campaign updates