Transparent and Flexible Pricing.

Take control and adjust monthly pricing based on your seasonality and business growth.

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monthly sub. fee*
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Switch tiers from month to month, if you wish.
Benefit from the complete platform regardless of your selected tier.

*Prices in US Dollars. Available in other currencies.
+Net of taxes, shipping and discounts

Included in all tiers.

  • No setup or license fee
  • No infrastructure or storage costs
  • Unlimited bandwidth & storage
  • Multiple websites to launch multiple brands
  • Unlimited products and collections
  • Configurable Pixfizz Design Tool
  • Complete suite of eCommerce website & marketing tools
  • Full access to the Pixfizz API
Optional: 1-on-1
Advanced Platform Training
±8 hours
Optional: Dedicated technical support
live-chat channel
per month